Problem With Blender Animation

I made a cube and animate it. I did it with a cube just for a test to see if the animation works correctly when import to unity. I just made the cube move in the z axis for a bit. Then, I export it for unity. When the animation is played inside unity, it works fine if the origin is at 0,0,0 . If I change its x-axis value to 10, for example, when the animation is played, it still pop back to 0,0,0 . Does anybody know how to solve this? Thanks in advance!

This happens because the animation is determined in terms of the cube’s local position! If you make the cube a child of some other object, and then move that, the animation will still work as expected.

I created a cube animation in Blender. Front, back, left, right. Works fine in Blender. Went to import to Unity and the cube will not move. I’ve tried so many ways to import or save as a blend file into Unity but no luck. Any help would be amazing!