Problem with camera recognition in my AR project

Hi, I created an AR app with Unity 2021.3.29f1 and AR Foundation 5.0.7 for Android.
When I test the app I get a black background instead the output of my camera. Also I get this error in unity what I guess is related to this:

[XRInputSubsystem] A device disconnection with the id 0 has been reported but no device with that id was connected.

I already checked the Project settings, the validation of the XR Plugin Management shows no errors.

Here you can see my installed packekes and the XR project validation:

Has anyone an idea what I can do? Maybe use other AR package versions or another Unity version? Or is there maybe a simpler solution? I already searched the internet and asked an AI but am stuck now. I am happy about any help!

I got an answer from the support and they say:

The warnings you are seeing just indicate that your computer doesn’t have the needed sensors for AR and this is ok. By default, the XR Simulation package is not installed which allows you to test your AR app in the Editor. You can find more information here: XR Simulation | AR Foundation | 5.1.3.

Since I have no physical device for testing and I got just a black camera image in Android Studio I assumed that the warning was related to this warning but it seems not to be the case. Hope that helps anybody else too.