Problem with Canvas/UI on Android Build (AVD testing)

I am currently making a test project on Android to experiment some APK’s but, I am finding myself in a difficult situation.
Whenever I build and run for Android, my Canvas just disappear. It is a real problem since my mini game is based on this UI (a cookie clicker) and that leads me to not being able to play to it.
After some testing, I managed to find that changing from “Screen Space-Overlay” to any of the other two options (Screen Space-camera and World Space) was making it appear in the build…
Problem is, the UI is now not interact-able with the touch or any mouse clicks.

Maybe it is linked to the fact I use AVD (Android Virtual Device) on Android Studio?
It shouldn’t be, and I really want to actually be able to interact with my UI so I can actually start my tests.

Here are the pictures in Editor and in Build with “Screen Space - Overlay”: