Problem with Collider

Hi there, I have a problem with a game I try to develope. I want the Player, which has a CharacterController, to be destroyed when touching or be touched by an enemy, which has a Collider. I tried to put a Rigidbody on the Player and used the OnColliderEnter function, but nothing happened. Does anyone know which function and settings I need to realize this? Thanks in advance.


Take a look at the Collision action matrix which can be found at the end of the reference for Box Collider.

Make sure you have the right combination for your player and your enemies.

Thank you very much.

So Freeman, I had the similar problem and I used "void OnTriggerEnter(Collider colission){}" so I use more one shape Collider with is trigger(true) and I use...void OnTriggerEnter(Collider colission) { Destroi(GameObject or colission) }

I think it help you! ok!