Problem with colliders


I’m pretty new to unity so please excuse me if it is a basic question

I have imported a 3d model (basically some walls) drawn in Rhino (3ds).
For now i’m using a capsule character that have both rigidbody and capsule collider.
I’ve set my model as a rigidbody and i’ve tried to use mesh collider (this would be the best option for what i want to do) but it did’t work. I’ve also tried to put a box collider on each wall and it still did’t work.

Could anyone help me please !

Thank you

In the import settings for the mesh make sure “Generate Colliders” is on. Then mesh colliders and box colliders will work. If you want the wall to collide with other meshes make sure you set the “Convex” option to true in the inspector

Read more here Unity - Manual: Mesh Collider component reference)

thanks a lot, that is a good stard i haven’t done that, but it still not working…