Problem with countdown timer.

Hello guys, I have a simple and usefull countdown timer for the last level of my game, the prolem is that the timer starts on the first level, not on the sixth one, how can I make it start on the sixth level?

Here is the code:

    private var startTime;
private var restSeconds : int;
private var roundedRestSeconds : int;
private var displaySeconds : int;
private var displayMinutes : int;

var countDownSeconds : int;

function Awake() {

    startTime = Time.time;

function OnGUI () {
    //make sure that your time is based on when this script was first called
    //instead of when your game started

    var guiTime = Time.time; //startTime;

    restSeconds = countDownSeconds - (guiTime);

    //display messages or whatever here -->do stuff based on your timer
    if (restSeconds == 60) {
        print ("One Minute Left");
    if (restSeconds == 0) {

       Application.LoadLevel ("GameOver");

        //do stuff here

    //display the timer
    roundedRestSeconds = Mathf.CeilToInt(restSeconds);
    displaySeconds = roundedRestSeconds % 60;
    displayMinutes = roundedRestSeconds / 60; 

    text = String.Format ("{0:00}:{1:00}", displayMinutes, displaySeconds); 
    GUI.Label (Rect (220, 25, 100, 30), text);


Do you have the levels set up in your built? If so the level you are on is stored under Application.loadedLevel being the last level loaded. In that case just write an if(Application.loadedLevel == 6) for starting your countdown.

If you don't have the levels set up in your built do the following:

Go to File > Go to Built Settings

Now drag and drop the 'scenes' you have in your project which are the levels in the big box. Arrange them so that the startoutlevel (often the main menu) is level zero, etc. So level six will then be number six and this all should work. :)

I solved something similar by changing `Time.time` to `Time.timeSinceLevelLoad`

Well in your script your forgot to check to make sure that it is level 6. If its all in one scene then you will need for it to check the level. If it is in 6 scenes then only have the code applied to the character in level 6.

Add this code to your script if you need it only in 1 scene. If it doesnt work then just let me know and i can try and fix it.

add the variable levels

var currentLevel = 1;

Now add a lateupdate

function LateUpdate ()
    if ( currentLevel >= 6 )
        startTime = Time.time;

Now change your awake function to

function Awake ()
    currentLevel = 1;

Now you will need to create a update function to check how many things you must to for example how many enemies are left, if 0 start next level but your need to do that on your own.

And thanks kinda of for the countdown code, this should work.