Problem with door animation

Hi, I’m trying to make an automatic door but faced a problem with animation. I have a 2d unity proj(attached) with the example. I’ve created 1 animation for door oppenning and deselect “Loop” checker. Created an Animator with bool parameter “Open” that controls transition and added 2 door oppenning animation to it, one marked as “Mirror” and set up the scene.

But once I test it in game door starts closed (“Open” is set to false by defautl and “Door closed” is a default state in Animator). If player touches circle collider of the door it starts closing but before it’s done opens again.

I’m pretty sure that I’m doing something wrong but can’t find what excatly:)[|36715]

Hello, It’s great that you took the time to upload the example. So the problem is that you were trying the mirror boolean. I’m not sure myself how exactly mirror works, but you can uncheck that and instead reverse the animation by setting the speed to -1 on the closed state. In fact you can use a negative speed for any animation you want to reverse.