Problem with exe - Sprites don't display correctly


I work with Unity for 3 years now and i’ve never seen a bug like this before, i’m on it for several weeks and i can’t solve it please help me i need help T.T

I’m developping a 2D game for more than a year now and it is working just fine in the editor mode. But, when i build the .exe for windows x86, some sprites do not display correctly.

I tried many things as : Updating Unity version, Rebuild library, etc… you know basic stuff.

In my researches i found out that if i removed one or two prefabs objects the exe built works just fine, but adding back those prefabs or recreating them makes the bug coming back.

The thing is the sprites that do not display correctly have nothing to do with those prefabs.

Here is an exemple of exe vs editor rendering for a sprite not displaying correctly :

Does unity have a limit of build size ? My game weighs currently 5 Go when built.

I am having the same issue. My 2D sprite heavy game runs fine within the editor but whenever I build it out to an .exe many of the sprites will not even render and they look extremely glitchy. Did you ever figure anything out about this issue?