Problem with Facebook SDK 7.5 // Fb.Mobile.AppInvite() doesn't work anymore...

Hi there,
I’m developing a games for Android with Unity 5.3.1 and Facebook SDK 7.5

Some month ago I have not problem to run the AppInvite() method but now that I’m going to publish doesn’t work anymore… The fb login and shares working but the appInvite looks broken … The sdk open the window to load friends … but nothing was load …
any advice?
someone have the same problem?

Thanks in advance.

my app is on googlePlay NuzzlePang if someone want to see what happen …


I just checked on Facebook Developer forum. It’s a confirmed bug reported not long ago. Just wait till them work on a fix.

Same here. Didn’t change a thing but where on Android friends are eventually listed on iOS the player ends up looking at infinite loading screen in their browser.