Problem with fading a colour over time

Hi, I’m having some problems with the following code, the ‘/ fadetime * Time.detlaTime’’ part to be specific. I wrote it after looking at the light.color documentation and the example that shows how to fade a colour over a set time.

		selection = lightcolour [Random.Range(0, lightcolour.length)]; 
		light.color = selection / fadetime * Time.deltaTime;

It works perfectly fine if I want to change the colour instantly but I can’t fade it over a set time. I need to keep the ‘light.color = selection’ part because other scripts rely on the selection variable.

I get this error, I understand what it means but I just can’t think of any other ways of doing this,

‘Operator ‘/’ cannot be used with a left hand side of type ‘Object’ and a right hand side of type ‘int’.’

It would be better to use Color.Lerp(color1, color2, t): this returns a color interpolated between the two colors passed, according to t (0=color1, 1=color2).

The code below sets immediately a random color when SetColor is called, and this color fades to the endColor over time during fadeTime seconds:

var endColor =;
var fadeTime: float = 2.5;
var selection: Color;
var lightcolour: Color[];

private var tColor: float;

function SetColor(){
  selection = lightcolour [Random.Range(0, lightcolour.length)];
  tColor = 0; // reset timer

function Update(){
  if (tColor <= 1){ // if end color not reached yet...
    tColor += Time.deltaTime / fadetime; // advance timer at the right speed
    light.color = Color.Lerp(selection, endColor, tColor);

PS: The error you’ve encountered at first was probably caused by selection being untyped: when the compiler can’t deduce the variable type, it assumes the object type, which can hold any standard type.