Problem with fire/walk transition


I need help, please.

I had 3 animations: idle, walk, jump.
I added fire animation to my player, and every transition works fine, fire/jump, fire/idle, except fire/walk.

The problem is that when my player walks and in the same time I hit fire button, I see that my player have 4 hands, two for walk anim, and two for fire anim.

The parameters are: Speed(float), IsGrounded(bool) and Fire(trigger)
I have two Layers:

Base Layer

The transitions are:

Idle → Walk: Speed = Greater 0.1;

Walk->Idle: Speed = Less 0.1;

Walk → Jump: IsGrounded = false;

Idle → Jump: IsGrounded = false;

Jump → Idle: IsGrounded = true;

Fire Layer

The transitions are:

new state → fire: Fire;

fire → new state: exit time(0.1).

All my transitions have no exit time, except one(fire → new state)!

Can someone help me with this one?


Do you have a layer mask for the fire layer?

Is fire layer set as an additive layer?

Shouldn’t fire layer be above Base layer?