Problem with GUI and webplayer

I don't understand why but some code that works in Unity (just a GUI.Label()) doesn't show in the webplayer ...

Any advise ?


Sorry, I should have been more specific. I have two scene in my build. One is the menu and one is the app.

The menu has currently juste a script that contains a


nothing too fancy ... Doesn't work in the webplayer & the .exe I tried to build another project and it works ... I think it's related with how I should use the scenes (I just drag&dropped the scene in the build list)

Have you tried this?

-From import settings

Texture type=texture

Filter mode=Trilinear

Slect web as a platform and check yes on override for web

Max size=max

and click apply


Maybe your Unity Webplayer window is to small to include Rect you've specified.

Dragging and dropping should work, although if you move scenes in the project between builds, sometimes they are not added properly. I'm not sure if that has changed in 2.6.

Try opening the build settings, deleting all the scenes, and re-adding (dragging and dropping is fine) the scene in question. If you want to be sure the scene is working, add a GUITexture (not from code, but from the MenuBar GameObject-> CreateOther ->GUITexture) and save it in your scene. See if that shows up.

Deleting all the scenes and readding worked for me. Thanks a lot!

Deleting all the scenes and readding worked for me. Thanks a lot!