Problem with gun/shooting scripting

I’ve tried 5-6 different scripts for gun/shooting. Non of them works and i have to be done with my project until under a week!(school project). Can someone please help me find a working one?

I am a little new to scripting in unity that’s why i don’t try making my own!

If you don’t try and make one you never will. Using one of these scripts you picked up try and adapt it to your own project, the reason it’s not working is most likely something you are doing or are not doing.

If you are still stuck edit your question to reflect the chosen script, post the code and any errors along with what you have tried to get it working.

If you want extra brownie points with your school, I’m sure they would love to see you evaluating your own work, rather than just using someone else’s work.

Wait, is this a college project, or a high school project? Regardless, as an aspiring game designer/developer, you must be flexible around your weaknesses. If you can’t make a shooter to work, then why not just a simple First Person Adventure game, or a Point n’ click adventure game. It could also be a third person action game also. In other words, make something with your current skills, not while learning them on the go since it will be a little dangerous for your project’s timeline.