Problem with Hide.HideInInspector

Hi. I try to use Hide.HideInInspector in base components (MeshRenderer, MeshFilter) and dont work. If i use Hide.NotEditable, this work correct but Hide.HideInInspector dont work. Have other way to i hide a Component in Inspector? Tks.

I asked a very similar question a while ago. Seems that it's a bug, because I never really got an answer (other than it might be a bug), and I'm 99.9% sure that the code I had should have worked. I sent in a bug report, but the only answer I got was that they would look into it, and in the mean time use EditorUtility.CreateGameObjectWithFlags, which worked for my situation, but may or may not for yours.

I know this is a really old Question but I encountered a similar issue with Hide.HideInInspector and Hide.HideInHierarchy. Basically they would not function but Hide.NotEditable would work fine. I think my problem came from putting the line in the OnEnable method. After restarting Unity it would work just fine.