Problem with highlighting correct answer, any idea?

Hi guys, I am making an educational quiz game. I already have a lot of lines of code so I ll try to simplify my problem as much as I can.
Lets say I have 4 UI texts for 4 answers. Each has a button component and a script component attached.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine.UI;

public class Quiz : MonoBehaviour {

public string Answer;
public string correctAnswer;

void Start () {
GetComponent<Button>().onClick.AddListener(() => { Method(Answer); });     // this calls the method after I click on the text (where I have a button component)

public void Method (string passedAnswer) {
if (passedAnswer == correctAnswer)
{ GetComponent<Text> ().color =; // if I click on correct answer, the text color changes to green
{GetComponent<Text>().color =; 
// HERE, how do I find a UI text where the answer variable equals correct answer? (so that I could highlight it to green?)

Although it is super easy to highlight the color of text to correct/incorrect color, my problem is this > when I click on incorrect answer how do I find a text where the answer variable equals correctAnswer? (So that I could highlight it to green color or whatever). Thanks a lot in advance!

You could try it like this:

Quiz[] q=GameObject.FindObjectsOfType<Quiz>();
Quiz correct=null;
foreach(Quiz c in q){

but this code is not tested. The idea behind is to get all Objects and compare to the one that has the correct answer.