Problem with Hinge Joint

Hi everybody,
I put a Hinge Joint into Empty GameObject, which contains the pieces to oscillate…
But when I press Play, the GameObject fall down… I don’t understand why!
I made like the video tutorial of Unity…
This is a picture, maybe there’s an error?


Thank you in advance,

Set the isKinematic flag on the Rigidbody component of the empty game object. If you do not, the ship will pull the empty game object down. Note if you are using the script I gave you in the “Rotation Force” question, I did my testing by putting the hinge on the “ship” and connecting it to a isKinematic empty game object rather than put the hinge on the empty game object. It should not matter, but if you have problems, try it the other way.

The link you posted dosn’t work :frowning: