Problem with Interactive Cloth and it's Attached Collider

I have a Capsule mesh Interactive Cloth with a collider attached along the center of the capsule as shown in the image below:


A ball is thrown towards the Capsule and the problem that is happening is that sometimes the capsule’s cloth sticks to the collider as shown here:


I’ve been playing around with the interactive cloth for a very long time now and I cannot fix this. Is there something I can do to stop the Capsule’s cloth from sticking with the collider? This is normally happening when the ball is thrown towards the Capsule at a higher force.

You should probably make the collider a lot smaller and put it in a position where the cloth will only intersect at a point where it won’t cause problems - e.g., if you want the capsule to hang from its top like a punching bag and sway back and forth freely when it’s hit, just put a very small collider intersecting the very top-center of the capsule. That should cause only the top-center to “stick”. If you want both ends to remain rigid and only the middle of the capsule to be moved by the ball, then add a second tiny collider to the other end. Right now, you have a large collider that intersects the entire capsule, and so when the cloth is pushed inwards by the ball’s impact, the sides of the capsule end up sticking to the collider. I think that’s what’s happening here.