Problem with IWorker.TakeOutputOwnership() on Android

The problem is that my model did not work and threw the error when using
IWorker.PeakOutput(“some_output”) as TensorFloat;:

“AssertionException: BurstCPU.ScheduleJob.ValueError: output must be different from inputX
Assertion failure. Value was False
Expected: True”

after changing the operator to
IWorker.TakeOutputOwnership(“some_output”) as TensorFloat;
It started working in the editor but does not work with the Android build.

Tried turning CompleteOperationsAndDownload() on and off but didn’t help, any ideas?

After changing the settings of Unity 6.0.5f1
Android Build->Player Settings
Everything worked! Any suggestions on Android Build Player Settings ?

Screenshot 2024-06-24 230815
Screenshot 2024-06-24 231233