Problem with Keycode.Plus


currently I’m trying to detect User-Input. I want to print a string when the user presses the Plus-Key on the Keyboard and I’ve written a little Javascript function, but it doesn’t work as expected.

function Update () {
        print("PLUS (normal)");
        print("PLUS (Keypad)");


When I run it, “PLUS (normal)” gets never printed, when I hit the Plus-Key on the Keyboard.
The Plus-Key on the Keypad works as expected. When I press it, “PLUS (Keypad)” gets printed to the Console.
But I need access to the Plus Key on the normal Keyboard because most Laptops don’t have a Keypad.
Does somebody of you know, how to fix that?

Thank you from Germany.

Do you have an actual plus key on your keyboard layout? It doesn’t work on a US keyboard either, but in that case the plus is actually shift-equals, in which case you use KeyCode.Equals for the actual key, and if you wanted to detect plus then you’d check for the shift key down as well.

Problem fixed (for all the users with german Keyboard-Layout):
You can get Access to the Plus-Key with Input.GetKey(Keycode.Equals)