Problem With Kinematic Children

hello, so i have my player who can walk up t crates and on the press of a button the crate becomes its child (to simulate backwards dragging). on the release of the button the crate loses its parent attachment. now i am doing this by setting the child’s rigid body as kinematic and disabling kinematic. the only problem with this is that since its kinematic it goes through walls and stuff. it’s not a fun-killer but it looks ugly and breaks the feel of the game. how can i go around this? can i drag crates any other way than parenting it and setting it as kinematic? now keep in mind that its a 3d game, the crate needs a rigid body because of the way it has to behave when not being dragged etc. oh and yes, everything has colliders, (mostly box colliders).

You can try joints. Fixed joint for example. That way you can keep it non-kinematic and no need for parenting. Give a joint to the player (or its hand or however you want it) and assign the crate’s rigidbody to the joint’s connectedBody.