Problem with launching unity 5.1.1

I just installed the new unity 5.1.1 and got this strange problem: 1. I used unity 5.0 before and didn’t have any problems.

Try installing Unity 5.1.0 and see if the problem is the same. If it is, then install 5.0.3 and check again. If the problem is still there, then install 5.0.2 and try again … and so on. This way you can see which since which version this happenes.

From this info, you can see the release notes and track your problem down to a singe item

In other words, let’s say that this problem started at 5.0.3 but wasn’t there in 5.0.2 - you could compare the release notes of both of the versions to see what changed and study all of the changes. Then you could try to identify what is causing the problem (e.g. might be somehing related to Graphics if the graphics changed). From there, you could for example conclude that your graphics card is outdated or that your RAM is too small (although I doubt that these would be problems).

Click Here to go to the archive with all the Unity versions. Remember to install the different versions in different directories. Be patient, as this will take time.

You could also submit a Bug Report, but I guess you would need Unity for that (which it seems that you can’t get to).

Try to post this question on Unity Forums if you haven’t already. You might have some more luck there.