Problem with lighs.

Hi. I hope this post will help us with this, because we have been days without finding a solution:

We are working on a game in VR and from one day to the next we have started having problems with the lighting of the project.
When we move the camera in the editor, the lights turn on and off as you are working. Trusting that it would be an editor thing to save resources, we did a build a few days ago to see how the game behaved trusting that nothing would happen, but it keeps happening.
We haven't changed any of the lighting in the rendering, and when we have tried to make lighting light with glowing materials, but they don't work either. any ideas? I leave a video where you can see better what I'm saying with two different examples. (The rotating lights should be two at the same time, but when both are activated is when they start to malfunction) We are using URP and the version of Unity is 2021.3.33f1


It looks like the video is marked as private. As for the glowing material, are the objects around marked as static?

Hi! Thank you for your reply. The video is already available (sorry for the inconvenience). And about the glowing material, we were testing in a scene where there was only that object. We reduced the scene light a bit to see if it worked, but nothing.