Problem with lighting when object color changes


I have just started using unity and well… i am a noob at this lol… I am trying to create the main menu and am having trouble using point lights. My problem is this. Whenever I create a cube with the default color and set a point light for extra effect close to it but not as part of the cube… it works fine. However when I change the object color to black for example the lighting effect is gone. I have tried to figure this out but still no success. Can anyone help me with this, please?

As @AndyMartin458 said, this isn’t unexpected. Lighting calculations are essentially a multiplication: abstractly, if I have a material at half brightness and a light at half brightness, it will appear at 1/4 brightness. Black is pretty much 0, so multiplying anything by 0 will give you 0.

Try Andy’s suggestion - change the shader on the material to one with ‘specular’ in the name. That will give it ‘shininess’.