Problem with Lightmapping Specific Objects in Scene

Well, here’s before lightmapping:


Here’s after lightmapping:


I’ve had a few other posts and I’m obviously obsessive compulsive about having to know everything so, even though I can use a workaround by enabling the directional light and losing shadows on all the objects that baked properly, I still want to know why these objects aren’t baking correctly.

Just a bit of detail, the cup and the pole have no textures assigned. The cup, however, has a 512*512 texture assigned to its diffuse layer. Yeah, I don’t know what’s up, but ask whatever you want and I’ll answer everything as best as I can so we can solve this.

Thanks, thanks, THANKS in advance.

I should probably add that I just started compiling this to Android. Still the same problem of course, just figured I’d let y’all know.

I feel dumb. There were two ways I fixed it.

  1. In 3D Studio
  2. Click ‘Generate Lightmap UVS’…derp