Problem with many audio sources playing at the same time

Ok, so i have a gameobject called “Enemy” with a script that deals with the AI…

After I kill the enemy, it spits about 20-30 blood drops that when they hit the ground (wich they do in milliseconds appart), they spawn blood splatters with audio sources…

After this happens, i cant ear anything else… be it guns, doors, sound effects, etc… none of them is heard :C!

If i reset the game, its audible again… but then again, if i kill the enemy, this happens again…

I have checked scripts and they are all fine… I know this has to do with the fact that MANY audio sources are playing almost at the same time…

What i dont know, is why :C!

Please help me :CCCC

I have dealt with a very similar issue. Blood splatters happening too frequently when enemies get hit. Due to algorithms of most audio mixers, sounds will be turned down based on a percentage of their volume when a new sound enters the mixer. The best way to handle this is to ask a Sound Manager script to play the sound, and to start an IEnumerator (Coroutine) to check the last time the sound was played. For instance:

AudioHandler aHandler;

void Start(){
aHandler = GameObject.Find("Audio_Handler").GetComponent<AudioHandler>();

void PlaySound(Audioclip aClip){

Audio Handler Script

bool canPlay;

void PlayAudio(Audioclip clip){

canPlay = false;


IEnumerator Reset(){
yield return new WaitForSeconds(.2f);
canPlay = true;