Problem with Mecanim jump animations and root motion

I have two different jump animations (created in 3ds max, biped rig) that contain root motion in the Y axis. Everything looks great in Max, however when I use the animations in Mecanim the jumps do not reach their full height as expected. Both animations have the same problem.

I have tried a variety of settings on the importer. Ultimately, as long as I’m using “Original” or “Feet” in “Based Upon” AND I check the “Bake into Pose” option for Root Transform Position (Y) the animations appear to be correct. However, when I uncheck “Bake into Pose” the jump animation again doesn’t reach it’s full extent/height.

This happens regardless of whether or not “Use Gravity” is enabled on the rigidbody.

It it my understanding I shouldn’t need to use “bake into pose” on these jumps because I want the root motion to be applied to the game object.

Does anyone have any ideas for me?


Hello !

I can’t really say what’s the issue, but I suggest you check the interpolation curve from state to state.

For example, assume your animator contains two states: “idle” and “jump”.

Since “jump” is “higher” and “idle” is “lower” the result of mecanim’s interpolation may be a slightly lower position of the model at the end of the jump.

To avoid this, you can check the transition curve from “jump” back to “idle”, and move the curve closer to the end of the “jump” state, so that mecanim does not interpolate/blend the transforms of “jump” and “idle” until almost the very end of the “jump” state, where your model is almost at the highest point.

Hope this helps !

Cheers !