Problem With Model Bones

After setting up a vital part of my game, I’ve come to find out that some of the bones won’t react the way they should. Is there anyway to fix this? I made a video that better explains my problem. If you will, notice the right hand that holds the weapon. It is not closed around the weapon and this causes the weapon rotation to be screwy:
Video Link Here

Also as a side note I tend to get an log stating:

Multiple visibility culling animations in the same hierarchy, animation culling for animation component in Armors_Blessed will be turned off.
PlayerInfo:ChangeArmor(Int32) (at Assets/Scripts/PlayerScripts/PlayerInfo.js:101)
PlayerInfo:SelectArmor(String) (at Assets/Scripts/PlayerScripts/PlayerInfo.js:140)

I believe this debug log is directly related, but I’m not sure how to decipher, nor fix this problem and any help is(as always) greatly appreciated!

As for the hand not holding the weapon, if you’re parenting the weapon to the hand in the skeleton make sure that the .localPosition is 0,0,0 after it gets parented. That will match its position with that of the bone in the hand.

If it’s the same skeleton per character then the bones could be in the wrong location.