Problem with models imported from sketchup

First of all , I’d like to say… please don’t answer this question with “Use another modelling software / don’t use sketchup!” because sketchup is what I know best and where I can really work most efficiently.

So, I’m making game object models in Google sketchup.

The model contains just regular primitives and some 3D text. I know 2D text isn’t exported.
I export the model as an .fbx to keep the textures…

When I import it and finish the scaling and generating colliders it’s all good.

But in game… when I test it out… whenever I approach the 3D text, framerate drops from a solid 80/90 FPS to a number between 20 and 2… and I have a very good laptop with a GTX 965M…

What I’ve noticed that when exporting from sketchup and importing into unity, the faces are all filled with triangles instead of being… just faces.

Any way of solving this? I know I could make models in Blender and then unwrap them to texture them (so the text is an image not a face). I’ve tried Sketchup → Blender → Unity and it works… but there are some problems when unwrapping it (faces unwrap propperly but some look kinda distorted/skewed to the side)

Thanks in advance!


I found out that checking off the “mesh collider” component on the 3D text drastically reduces lag!

For example… earlier I used to have extremely low FPS on text… but now I dont!