problem with movie texture

Hi all,

I am trying to play a video file(for pc and mac platform) using movie texture, the specifications for the video file are given below :

Format : .MP4
Dimension : 1280 X 720
Codecs : H.264
Bit Rete : 2,995

but when i try to play the file in the unity inspector view or run it as a movie texture on a plane, it doesn’t run it just shows black screen and even the size of the video which is actually 65 MB is just shown as 2.8 kb in the unity inspector.

I am exporting the video from adobe premier pro,but the strange thing here is that all the other videos which i download from random sites are working absolutely fine.

you can also check the video file from the link given below

i would be very pleased if someone could help me out with this…

Ok I’ll check something with your video before you answered and it worked.

Your video seems to have a problem but after re-encode it. No more problems here.

Use this : EasyBrake download |

And just drag and drop your video (this soft gonna reencode it correctly) then Unity import it correctly too (here anyway). Just say me if it works for you.