Problem with multi-touch from android

Hi guys
I have this problem when compiling my application for Android (input). I have two conditions that activate with the click on the right or left side of the object.
If I click together on the one and the other there is a reset condition.
When I try the app on the phone he recognizes only the first touch and does not recognize me the second, so if I press A without releasing and I also press B instead of going to C he stays on A.
Maybe it is to enable the multitouch or not good Input. GetmousebuttonDown for the phone?
On unity it work fine, and i test it enabled the boolean together.

Any suggestion?

Thank you enter code here

 if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0))

            if (Input.mousePosition.x > playerScreenPoint.x)
               //Condition A

                destra = true;    
              sinistra = false;

            else if (Input.mousePosition.x < playerScreenPoint.x)
                  //Condition B

                sinistra = true;
                destra = false;




Unity has a system for handling touches for mobile. GetMouseButtonDown is actually just a hackish way of having code work for both the pc mouse and mobile at the same time but it just handles a single touch.

Read more about Touch. In effect you can get detailed information about every touch that is happening, including their current state, delta movement from previous frame etc