Problem with multi-touch on android game

I’m working on an android game and I’m experiencing some problems.
I have a button covering the right side of the screen, when the person playing, presses it.
then the player jumps, and he can hold it down to keep jumping when he lands again.

after some testing I’ve noticed that when holding down the jump button, then I’m not able to press any other button. so I can’t press the pause button or other important buttons at the same time.

I tried changing the button to touch input, when the screen is touched in the right side of the screen, then the the same thing happens as when the player presses the jump button.
but I still can’t press any other buttons…

The jump button is a gui.repeatButton and the others are gui.button.

if you know a solution to this problem. please tell :wink:


I’m not 100% certain, but I think the GUI.button class only tests and returns true for the first touch input. For mutitouch input you’ll have to ditch and instead create your own buttons that check and respond to input from all current touches in Input.touches.