Problem With My Animations

I am making a game where there are three animations: running, walking and idling, but I have a problem where when I move forward or backward(to walk) and hold “Shift” to run the player moves much faster than he needs and then he teleportes back to where he needs to be. I think the problem is with my animation that she is too fast but I have no idea how to solve that.

I will give the repository’s link because the projects is pretty big.

I would really appreciate getting help with that cause I am pretty frustrated about this.

Try disabling root motion in the animator component?

Not entirely sure , but give it a whirl.

i dont really do anything with animation but just try and check around the inspector area. That might help, ALSO. If you do do that make sure you are selecting the model (the character) in the Hierarchy.

nothing works, I tried to do that the animation will walk in her place and it doesn’t work, anyone help?