Problem with Null Reference Exeption??:/

Hello:), so this script is meant to deactivate a SafeLock Script at first, and then when the player hits “E”, the SafeLock Script gets activated (Shows a keyboard(GUI) where you write the right combination to unlock a safe). The proble is that the activation and deactivation of the SafeLock Script is working (when I press “E” near the safe it shows the GUI). But all the other variables that i wanted affected(walking, moving the camera, run, turn my flashlight on/off), are not being affected… Unity displays an error that says:

“NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
SafeLockOnE.Update () (at Assets/SafeLockOnE.js:37)”

So when the player aproaches the safe and press “E”, the Gui gets displayed, but i can still walk, move the camera, run, turn my flashlight on/off, etc…What should I do?? Please Help

This is the Scipt:

var range: float = 5; 
private var hit: RaycastHit;
var SafeLockMeca : SafeLock;

var lookAround01 : MouseLook;
var lookAround02 : MouseLook;
var charMotor : CharacterMotor;
var charMotor2 : FPSWalkerEnhaced;
var FlashlightHide : FlashLight;
var HideCursor : HideMouseCursor;

function Start ()   
	SafeLockMeca = gameObject.GetComponent(SafeLock);
	lookAround01 = gameObject.GetComponent(MouseLook);
	lookAround02 = GameObject.Find("MainCamera").GetComponent(MouseLook);
	charMotor = gameObject.GetComponent(CharacterMotor);
	charMotor2 = gameObject.GetComponent(FPSWalkerEnhaced);
	FlashlightHide = GameObject.Find("FlashLight").GetComponent(FlashLight);
	HideCursor = GameObject.Find("Player").GetComponent(HideMouseCursor);

		SafeLockMeca.enabled = false;


function Update(){

  if (Input.GetKeyDown("e")){
    var ray = Camera.main.ViewportPointToRay(Vector3(0.5,0.5,0));
    if (Physics.Raycast(ray, hit, range)){

        SafeLockMeca.enabled = true;
		lookAround01.enabled = false;
        lookAround02.enabled = false;
        charMotor.enabled = false;
        charMotor2.enabled = false;
        FlashlightHide.enabled = false;
        HideCursor.enabled = false;



This line here in your Start function:

FlashlightHide = GameObject.Find(“FlashLight”).GetComponent(FlashLight);

Make sure you throw in a debug statement right after the fact that ensure you grabbed the reference and that FlashlightHide is not null at this point.