Problem with parent and child animation

I made a simple cube guy with a simple animation and what I’m trying to do is set up a bunch of cubes that act like armor i guess is one way of putting it. But when I put some cubes in front of him and see how it acts, the cubes don’t move. [28133-cube+guy.png|28133]

You can see they’re parented to the object, I’ve tried parenting the cubes to different parts like the armatures and the body (the cube that I made the guy out of in blender) but all of them resulted in the same thing, them not moving.

Any idea on why the cubes wouldn’t be moving despite them being parented. I want them to move with the parent animation

You need to attach the GameObjects to the desired bone in your rig. If you’re using mecanim, in the rig tab, you can expose certain bones to attach gameObjects to them under the optimized GameObject snippet.

I’m not familiar with Legacy animations, but I think that all your bones are located in your GameObject hierarchy already. Just make sure to make them child of the correct BONE.