Problem with photoshop in unity2d

Hi, i have a problem when i import my photoshop file into unity, the problems looks like the next:

this image sholud appear different ,separated into layers like this (obviosly no is the same photshop image xD)

but appears like the project has one layer, my problem is photoshop or unity?

all layers had a size of 1024*1024 pixels and background transparent

any help is wellcome

(sorry about my english :()

as i know so far unity combines all layers from Photoshop to one image, so you have to place the images beside each other in Photoshop manually in one layer. Of course you can use multiple Layers but unity doesnt recognize a Photoshop layer as a specific sprite.
It will just stack all layers over each other and merge them to one image.
Take a look into these tutorials how to make sprites in photoshop and how you can slice them in unity with the sprite editor to a sprite sheet.

I think what you are looking for is the Photoshop CC-Feature File/Generate/Image Assets.

If you have not Photoshop CC, for instance i have only CS6, than you can use this script.

What it simple does is, it transforms this:


to this:


These pictures are from my version(german version), so i tested it.