Problem with physicmaterial static friction


I use the function “AddForce()” to the rigidbody, and the force is smaller than the static friction by my caculation,but the rigibody still get a very little velocity . so i just want to know is there any mistakes,with my work?

It also depends on the physics material of the surface. Officially, you’re suppose to have a physics Material on every collider, and it averages the settings (ex: rubber ball on a shag carpet – somewhat bouncy.)

I think many people don’t use a physics material for many surfaces, and the default phyMat gives “reasonable” settings. The physics settings also have max, min and average, with average being the default. You can abuse min and max to say “use this number”; for example, high static friction, set to Max.

I’m also not sure the units even make sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if they mix english and metric. I think, as MSoad writes, most people just trial and error the numbers (I often do, even though I know most of the math.)