Problem With Pixel Art Pixel Size

When I first started this project I didn’t know a lot about pixel art in unity. Now that I am trying to stop pixel jittering I have been tweaking stuff according to this Unity page: Click Here To Go To The Unity Page I Am Talking About

The resolution my game was running at, along with the orthographic camera size is causing the pixel jittering. So I changed it to 1080p and the orthographic camera size to 8.4375, which is what to Unity page recommends.

My PPU for my sprites including the background is 32.

However, this is causing the background image to have a different pixel size than the rest of the sprites as seen in the image below.

So basically what I’m looking for is a widescreen resolution that has a orthographic camera size at/of around 8 (7.5 - 8.5 is a good range) again according to the Unity page, and has all the sprites including the background have a equal/the same pixel size.

Any help and/or feedback is appreciated, thank you!

alt text

orthographic size is half the height. so the height total is 8.4375 times 2, so 16.875.
32 pixels per unit means 540 pixels in height.that times 1.7 means width, 918.