Problem with platform effector 2D and Collisions

Hi, I’m trying to make a mechanic like the one in the game Twin shot by Nitrome, the specific mechanic is that the player can stand on the arrow by jumping under it and the second mechanic is that the arrow stops moving when it collides with a wall (I already made the two mechanics and the unidirectional for the player to stand on the arrow, the latter generates a problem for me…).

I have an arrow that I use as a projectile, this arrow has a 2D Platform Effector component to be able to use the unidirectional, this is generating me a problem because the arrow by having this component is ignoring the colliders of the objects that are in the game world. The arrow does not ignore the Triggers but it ignores the Colliders.
When the arrow is shot it does not collide with the ground, the arrow falls into the void.
Is there any way to not ignore the Colliders of the objects?