Problem with playmaker gui and "Get mouse button down" action.

I’m trying to make 2d pc game in rpg style. I’m using Playmaker and 2d toolkit. I use “Mouse pick” + “Get mouse button down” actions for character movement and right mouse button for interacting with objects (it will be made in future). Now I started working on gui but I encountered a problem. When I press on gui boxes or buttons, my character moves :(. Is there a simple way to check if cursor is over gui? So I can disable “get mouse button down” whenever (for example) bool OverGui is true? Please help, Im trying to get it work for 2 days now and still got nothing.


The action reference for MousePick shows you the layer mask.
Put your GUI elements into their own layer (you may need to create your own) and then set the layer mask count to 1 and then select the layer. Now enable invert mask so that any objects except for the GUI layer objects will be selected in the MousePick.

This is described in the Tutorial Using Mouse Pick tutorial and the User Tutorial Mouse Pick.