Problem with Playmaker Send Remote Event

I’m attempting to use Playmaker’s Send Remote Event action. It’s pretty straight forward and works quite well if you are just sending a single event, but when I attempt to use the Data String entry to send some data along with the event, Unity errors and tells me that the netview.RPC function can’t handle more params. Looking at the RPC functions, it looks like they coded it right, but on execution it crashes.

Anyone else run into this?


A bit late, but while having a similar post on PlayMaker Forum and searching for clues, I bumped into this question.

Unfortunatly, that option to send a string with the remote event has not yet been implemented in PlayMaker, and it went unoticed I have reported this, it should be available in the next update.

anyhow, it is strongly recommended at this point to use Photon Unity Networking, because it is not officially supported by PlayMaker, and built PlayMaker Package. On top of that, the way RPC calls are implemented with Photon is much better, and conforms with PlayMaker Events behaviors.