Problem with Point lights and defered lighting on walls

I want to have shadow-generating point lights, so I have activated deferred lighting. As you have noticed, my little ninja's shadow is correctly rendered wich is great.

However if you look at the left and right parts of the wall that are in the rectangles, they are not lit with the same intensity at all. How come ? Don't point lights illuminate in all the directions ?

Thanks for the feedback !

I suspect it's a problem of normals and/or tangents in the mesh you use for the wall. See if the original model (in maya/max/...) has some smooth groups, or weird things done to it's normal, things like that. Also, try in the importer properties to Calculate both normals and tangents, and try to play with the tangents calculation parameters in there as well.

Thanks for those who helped.

Taoa is right, the problem was not in the light but in the walls ! The normals were wrongly calculated. I redid the walls correctly and the problem was fixed.