Problem with ragdolls and my armatures


I’ve created a humanoid model in blender, rigged it (created an armature) and weight-painted it also. I wanted to use it to create a ragdoll but I find a little bit ambiguous the bone names the ragdoll wizard asked me to give. I would need some clarifications with that.

What’s the “root” bone? I assumed that it’s the first bone in the hierarchy (in my case the botom part of the spine, but it didn’t seem to work properly)

What does mean by “elbows” or “knees”? I was supposed to create an armature for bones, not for joints.

When it asks for “foot”, my character’s foot are divided into two bones, so it can move its toes, and exactly the same thing with my hands. What bone should I give him? The palm bone or the fingers bone?

Finally, I noticed that when I made my ragdoll (trying to guess what bone meant the wizard), it moved in a really weird form, and also it had vertexs that weren’t affected by the bone, as if it was weight-painted wrong. Then, when I tried to move the bones in the scene view, I also noticed the same problem with the vertex. It’s like it didn’t had any weight painting at all. But when I import animations I don’t have the same problem, all bones behave as in blender.

I don’t know if this is a problem with the ragdoll (I’m actually giving it the bones wrong), or it’s a problem with my model (The armature is not built well).

If someone could help me, I’m really stuck at this point.

The “wizard” is just a time-saver. You can always hand-edit the ragdoll. Peek at what it made and see how the joints are set up, for a reference. Then just add a rigidbody, collider and charJoint to feet bones, tails, extra arms… anything the wizard skipped, or hand-adjust settings on what it did make.

I’ve ragdolled simple humans completely by adding components, no wizard at all, and it works fine. There no special sauce for getting it 100% wizard built.

ok when you first created each armature in blender you where supposed to name each bone/armature…so rightnow what its asking for is the names for the armatures…as for the part when it asked for the foot it was askin for the amatore that is the foot(the armature selected will move its paranted bones too so it wil move the toes too)you should give it the armature that is in the foot area of your mesh. the reason it works with animations is because the keyframes are set to tell where each armature is supose to be at a certain frame … but in ragdoll it becomes a rigitbody that has no specific movement…so it deforms to what you set each joint to be like if you put the foot all the way to the knee it will think that the knee is the foot and that every thing parented to it its child like the toes or other bones:) what i would do is name all bones and then import then find the proper placement for each joint

Okay, I’ve followed the video that darkcookie posted and I got a better rig for my model, with an IK mover, a main mover and all other stuff, but I still have some questions.

My ragdoll now works better, no weight painting issues now, except for the feet. Although I assign the foot bone in the Ragdoll Wizard script, It does really weird things with the feet, as if they had got no weight painting at all again, so I was wondering if it was asking for the foot IK mover instead of the main foot bone.

Also I noticed, although the rest of the ragdoll works fine, some joints seem to be working wrong (I didn’t check the flip forward box because the Z-axis is looking in the same direction in the armature and in the mesh, should I have done it?).

When I clicked on the foot bone (The one that I gave to the ragdoll wizard) I found that it has no collider or rigidbody components at all, all the other bones that work correctly have the collider components set so I think it’s a problem with the script.

What did I do wrong?

I followed the whole videotutorial that darkcookie posted step by step, i don’t think I missed anything.

(EDIT: I’ve fixed some joint problems editing the joint axis manually, but although the knees joints are fine, I still have some problems with them, I think the problem is that the foot has no collision detection at all, I’ll keep trying and edit If I get it working)