problem with random array


For some reason that i cannot fathom for myself, or fix by searching, the below code does not seem to be getting an array from the 4 in the list.
The text in the GUI Label works fine and i get no errors in the console when i play it, but after the line "Edison Utd Vs. " then it is just blank, and doesnt appear to be choosing a random name.

If anyone could explain this to me, without telling me to seach google then i would be very grateful.
Everything i have found on google is alot more complex than this and doesnt really give me the answer i am looking for.

Many Thanks in advance.

#pragma strict
    	public var NameArray : String[] = ["Rugeley","Lichfield","Cannock","Stafford"];
    	var chosenName : String;
    function ChooseName()
    		chosenName = NameArray[Random.Range(1,NameArray.length)];
    function OnGUI() 
           GUI.Label (Rect (10, 30, 100, 100),"Edison Utd 

" + chosenName);

You’re not calling the ChooseName function anywhere. Also arrays start with 0, not 1.