Problem with Random.range

Hie everyone!
I want to create a cube, but just when the random.range(0,1) is 1. When it is 0, then nothing comes
Thank you and sorry for my bad english!

var cube : GameObject;
var spawnPosition : GameObject;
var timer = 0.0;

function SpawnCube() {

    var tempCubeSpawner = Instantiate(cube, spawnPosition.transform.position, Quaternion.identity);


function Update() {

    timer += Time.deltaTime;
    if(timer > 5) {
    var randomNumber = Random.Range(0,1);
    if(randomNumber == 0) {
      timer = 0.0;
      if(randomNumber == 1) {
      timer = 0.0;



I’m assuming your randomisation is intended to be a coin toss, in
other words you’re wanting it to be an int that’s either 0 or 1.

With ints, Random.Range is exclusive of the second (max) parameter.
So if you want one of 0 and 1 you need to do

var randomNumber = Random.Range(0,2);

Or you could use floats and you could do

var randomNumber = Random.Range(0f,1f);

But then the test changes to

if (randomNumber < 0.5f)

The advantage of floats is that it gives you an easy way to
tweak things, by changing the 0.5f to a variable you can set
to whatever probability you want.

Note that when using floats Random.Range is inclusive (but
it makes negligible difference when using it this way).