Problem with root path of Android "Build" Application!

When I try to Build the App for Android, Unity 3.4.2f3 ask me the root folder called : “android-sdk-windows”

(I have installed Java JDK, Android SDK Tools(with SDK Manager, and AVD Manager, but for this last, I don’t have created any AVD image, because I don’t have the SD card!) with included Android 4.0.3(API15) and Android 2.2(API8).
This last version, interesting me, to emulate the I-INN Tablet, that have installed Android 2.2 “Froyo”.)

But I see just the root folder called android-sdk, not android-sdk-windows !

I searched the “windows” folder, but don’t found anything!

- How can I do to specify the “android-sdk-windows” folder, if it doesn’t exists?

- Where is located the “android-sdk-windows” folder?



Maybe this will help you.

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Anyone who is still facing this problem refer to this link