Problem with Save Scene

Hi. I am creating a game where the player can teleport to a new scene. Changes the current scene to a new one (SceneManager.LoadScene (SceneName);). is there any way to save the scene he is leaving? I’ve seen different methods of doing this, but none of them worked. The method shown on Unity3D (Unity - Scripting API: SceneManagement.EditorSceneManager.SaveScene) also doesn’t work. Can someone explain to me clearly if the whole scene can be saved at all by going to the second one?

My answer is that it’s hard to do it. When you load the saved* scene again, everything will be reset like it was the first time you loaded it. So it’s up to you to set the state of everything back to what it was when you saved it. If it is only a few object positions and not the entire state of the scene, it might go smoothly, but if it requires new or deleted objects it becomes harder.
EditorSceneManager.SaveScene() will not work from the game, only in the editor.

Edit:*When you load the scene saved by you, in-game, not in unity editor, I mean. How and what you save is up to you how much info you need to restore a scene the 2nd time you load it.

Edit2: This explains it better serialization - Save and load entire scene in Unity - Stack Overflow