Problem with Scenes

I have a 3d text in my scene in front of my object, for a main menu. Now when I change the view to full screen it doesn’t look right. So how do I make it so that the scene will look the same no matter what view it’s in?

Update: Here are the pictures… same exact thing except the game view was enlarged.

Well I’m used to doing stuff like this with GUI. But it might help the same… When working with GUI, I take the positions that look right and then take the current screen width and height in consideration. So in an Update() function for example, you would have the X and Y position always be a specific percentage of the Screen width and height. Here’s an EXAMPLE of what i would do.

Say your editor screen that makes everything look right is 640 x 480. And say an object’s position is (X = 100, Y = 250). You want to take 640 / 100 to get 6.4 for X. So instead of having X = 100, have X = Screen.width / 6.4. same with height. 480 / 250 = 1.92, so you would want Y under update to be Y = Screen.height / 1.92. that way, the positions would always be the exact same location on screen in different resolutions. If this doesn’t make since, here is a GUI script I did the other day for a calculator and its buttons. I know this isn’t GUI you’re doing but hopefully this will give you an idea of what I’m trying to explain. You can go ahead and take this code to experiment with, it’s working but I have more to add to it. But it should help.

//User has no use for the code given.