Problem with Scrolling Background in more recent version of Unity..

I’m making a game in which I very need to put my background to scroll, in earlier versions of Unity it was done very easily, by putting the specific background in import settings being Texture, also set to ‘Repeat’ adn this worked! But in the newer versions of Unity there is no more ‘Texture’, some say Instead of ‘Texture’ is now ‘Default’, but I tried it and it still does not work…if i dont find out how to make a scrolling background in the current version(5.6) which i use, I will should to download the older version in which the same thing is much easier to make…

plz attach your code for better understanding

Could you explain better, please?
I wrote this script, to move horizontally 2 sprites (because I think that in unity2017 I can use sprite without Quad).
(tileSizeZ is the size of one of the sprites.)

public float scrollSpeed;
float tileSizeZ;

private Vector3 startPosition;

// Use this for initialization
void Start()
    startPosition = transform.position;
    tileSizeZ = transform.GetComponent<Renderer>().bounds.size.x;


// Update is called once per frame
void Update()
      float newPosition = Mathf.Repeat(Time.time * scrollSpeed, tileSizeZ);
    transform.position = startPosition + Vector3.right * newPosition;


But I obtain that the 2 sprites return to the original position.