Problem with sendmessage to all types of GO

tonight I’ve been working on a MP system. I kinda finished this, except
from the tutorial I had to convert JS to C#. I’m pretty sure this I my last problem
before it’s finished.

 // Notify our objects that the level and the network is ready
  Transform[] go = FindObjectOfType(typeof(Transform));
 int go_len = go.Length;
 for (int i=0;i<go_len;i++)

Worked in JS, but here I get a error on that 2nd line:
“Cannot implicity convert type ‘UnityEngine.Object’ to ‘UnityEngine.Transform[]’”

You are using FindObjectOfType() which “Returns the first active loaded object of Type type.”–Object.FindObjectOfType, Unity Script Reference

You should use FindObjectsOfType() instead. FindObjectOfType script reference

Just change line 2 to

Transform [] go = FindObjectsOfType(typeof(Transform)) as Transform[]; 

and you are good to go.