Problem with setting up Visual Studio in unity 3.0

Hi, I have Unity 3.0 and visual studio 2008 express. I have selected visual studio c# as the default IDE in Unity, and it informs me it can't open the files automatically through double click in unity, which is fine. I understand this is a limitation of the express edition. However, the wiki, and help files tell me that now I need to go under assets -> and click "sync visual studio project" to create a project file for visual studio to open, but I don't see this. I have "sync monodevelop project" and that's it. There is a c# project file in my unity project folder, which opens into an empty project, but I'm not sure if it's syncing, or if I need it to. Either this is a problem, or it's not, and I'm just being dense. If so, forgive the question, have only just started using unity :)

Sync MonoDevelop Project does the exact same thing and will make a project suitable for Visual Studio. Simply run the project file it shows you afterwards; all is fine.

If the project is empty, it’s probably because you have no scripts made yet.

Also, when it asks you to convert the project, just click Finish.

You need only sync once, though Visual Studio may repeatedly ask you to convert the project if you’ve made changes to your scripts inside Unity.